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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Errors to Watch for When You're Grieving

The death of someone you love leaves you feeling as if you are completely on your own.  There are many ways to grieve and no loss is every exactly like any other.   There is no step by step guide to putting the pieces of your life back together.  However, here are a few cautions to help you recognize and avoid some of the most common errors grieving people make.

Avoid making hasty decisions.  Don't be in a hurry to do anything.  Some people rush to erase every trace of their beloved from their homes and later regret not having kept certain things.  You may also feel you need to continue on a certain path that you were following prior to the death of your loved one.  You and your spouse may have wanted to move to another part of the country but now that you are alone, you need to weigh the facts and make sure the dream is one you still want to follow.

Don't punish yourself.  Guilt walks hand in hand with grief.  Be gentle with your physical and emotional needs as well as with your conscience.  Give yourself permission to cry or rage when that is what you need to do.  Give yourself permission to do something you enjoy as well.  Try to eat healthy foods and get regular exercise.  You are under a great deal of stress and your body needs all the help it can get to deal with it.

Keep faith and hope alive.   You will always miss the physical presence of someone dear, but you will find that person again where he or she has always been - deep inside you.  Lives end, but relationships don't.  They endure into the next world.

Posted by: Cecelia Kirchman at 12:27 PM
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